The Fredrick Hill Camp


The Fredrick Hill Camp

Date of Activity: 01 Sep 2006

We were first introduced to this camp in September 2006, 21 months after the Tsunami.

We were first introduced to this camp in September 2006, 21 months after the Tsunami. The residents live in shocking conditions in a combination of tents and rotting wooden shacks.

Just a few have managed to construct something that will last longer than a tent – but most do not have the wherewithall to do this. We originally were told there were 300 families on this site of 150 acres. ( we now know there are 550 families registered there). They have 2 toilets and 3 wells between them!

The Government provided this land for them straight after Tsunami and apparently it will be put into their names – eventually! On first sight this seems a wonderful place to be – rolling hillside, lush grass, and plentiful coconut trees. The people refugeed here are from the coast and many of them were fishermen. They now have a struggle to get to work as they are 7 km away inland ‘jungleside’. The whole community has been severely disadvantaged as the distance from things like school and the shops makes their lives even harder than before. There is one small shop on the site with limited provisions and a small basic Montessori school funded by a Catholic father. We undertook a food parcel programme at Christmas 2006.

On the 26th December 550 food parcels were delivered to all the registered families on the camp.

2 days later we delivered 500 toy parcels there too.

These were funded by a campaign of sponsored cards and a children’s Christmas Decoration Competition in Guernsey. We also implemented a programme of providing toilets and wells.

Currently there are 12 toilets and 11 wells under construction. We intend to create (subject to funding) a Sewing Workshop that will operate as a cooperative to enable all the women to have a chance to use the facility. The camp elders like the idea and will help us to construct and run it. If this works we can go further and possibly start a vegetable plot and chicken farm on the same basis. This is only a small thing, however we need to give these folk something to focus on so they can look ahead – they have had terrible treatment over the last 2 years – so the least we can do is to care!