Rebuilt Houses


Rebuilt Houses

Date of Activity: 01 Oct 2005

Funding & Details of Rebuilt Houses

Individually funded Houses to date

The De Silva Family  October 2005 – De Silva Family (12 occupants) funded by Bridge 2 Sri Lanka cost £4,000 This was the start of what is now an established build programme. The family consists of 3 branches of the same family and originally I was taken to see this house which was falling down and totally unsuitable for occupation.  B2SL rebuilt this home and bought all furniture needed and installed electricity.

Manjula & his Family January 2006 – Manjula House (6 occupants) funded by Mees Pierson Reed cost £2,000 This house had already been partially built by the owner to the extent the foundations and some walls were part built. We finished it off and completed by purchasing all the furniture needed as the family did not have any to move in with. We also installed electricity.

The home of Damith’s Auntie March 2006 – Damith’s Auntie (4 occupants) funded by Mees Pierson Reed cost £2,000 Similar situation here, Damith our contractor undertook to do all the labour free and we paid for the materials to complete this house.

The De Silva Sisters May 2006 – De Silva sisters (2 occupants) funded by the former Guernsey Bailiffs Relief Disaster Fund cost £2,300 This house although from our template was much smaller. The sisters were living in a very poor mud hut and were far too old to do anything to make their conditions any better. In addition there was a fresh well constructed by us and funded by Noel and Pat le Tissier £124. Various bits of furniture were purchased by B2SL.

Nilmini & his family July 2006 Nilmini and family (6 occupants) funded as 4. above cost £2,300 and £128 toilet. This was a desperate situation where the family were asked to leave a rental and did not have anywhere to go. An Aunt had just gifted them the land so it made sense to do an immediate build. Various items of furniture were purchased by B2SL.

Disna & Family July 2006 Disna and Family (6 occupants) funded by Northern Trust £4,000 to include toilet, electricity and all furniture. This family were living in a tent when we discovered them.

Pooja and Family This little girl was a survivor of the train disaster. She had become very sick so initially we built them a temporary house. They moved into their new block house in November 2006. (Funded as 4 )£3,100 with toilet and shower and electric. B2SL has purchased furniture for the family.

Nuwan and Family This 13 year old boy had a terrible accident last year and fell into a pit of burning rice husks. He is now able to walk thanks to intensive oil therapy. We have built him and his parents a house as his father is nearly blind and mother is mentally challenged.( Funded as 4) £3,200 with toilet. Moved in in December.

Charles Family This family were living in a very dangerous ‘muddy house’ that was in serious danger of collapse. They moved into their house in December 2006 £3,100 (funded as 4)

Somadassa Family This family were found living on the street having lost everything in Tsunami. Joy Butler Markham housed them in a room of her community centre on the Manacare site until funding was secured to build for them. This house was started in December and they will have moved in by now – Jan 2007 £3,200 (funded as 4)

Temporary House for Premedasa This elderly man lives on a pension of 100rupees a month! 48p to you and me! He was living in a terrible damp and rickety shack he had cobbled together himself. We have used the timber from one of our temporarys to construct a ‘good’ temporary for him. ‘I don’t need a block house as I shall only live another couple of years’ he told us! We help him with food and other essentials. £495

Construction of shop for Mahesh and Family This lad has Luekemia and the shop was an obvious answer to their problem (look in Medical projects) £675. B2SL then stocked the shop for the opening.