Date of Activity: 01 Oct 2006

This little girl was 8 when we first met.

This little girl was 8 when we first met. Her story is one that traces back directly to the terrible wave. She was on the train as it was travelling between Colombo and Galle. Accompanied by her Grandfather, Aunt and 2 cousins. When the wave hit the train, her Grandfather managed to push her onto the roof but was taken by the wave himself, as were Aunty and the 2 cousins. Little Pooja was on her own. She was found sometime later and returned to her mother, father and little brother. She had ingested some contaminated water and became quite ill. The Doctors said that there was nothing they could do as she needed to be stronger before they could do any intrusive investigation. Our remit was clear; we had to help to get her stronger. When we first met we were faced with a timid sickly little girl. Over the months we have bought good food, vitamins, build-up preparation and generally given the family lots of moral support. We have taken her to see the Dr who can see a vast improvement in her.

Back in Guernsey a man called John Trubil heard about our work with Pooja and he called wanting to help. He personally has funded a great deal of her medication and he has also undertaken a programme of distance healing through me. He has also provided various preparations for her to take and there is no doubt in my mind that this little girl is well on the road to recovery. We built the family a temporary house, in October 2006, putting in electricity.They already own the land and the house will be next to Pooja’s uncle who is mentally disabled. Pooja’s mum looks after him so I am keen to see this family with a stable future.

As soon as we had the funding, September 2006, we started the block build for this little family and Raj, Pooja’s father got stuck in to help with the labouring work.

This charming little girl is well on the way to a full recovery enjoying all the normal things in life like playing with her brother and going to school – instead of being dogged with illness.