Overview of Medical Projects

The medical projects came about really by accident but are now firmly established as core work for us. Inevitably we come across medical needs whilst on the ground especially in the Jungle but sometimes people know when we are in the area and seek us out for help.

We have undertaken several specific medical cases, Daya, Mahesh, Pooja, Lasindu and Dilum, but there have been many smaller ones where an accompanied visit to a Specialist or GP can bring a satisfactory outcome to what may seem an insolvable problem hampered by lack of money.

From a small boy with an abscess on his foot, to a little girl with a nasty infected foot that would not clear up, to a boy who needed glasses as he was almost completely blind. The list goes on!

Medical Projects which have been implemented: updated July 2009

  • 95 Pairs of reading glasses
  • 172 Cost of drugs for treatment
  • 5 Prescription glasses
  • 3 Vitamin E oil for scarring
  • 156 Cost of visits to GP
  • 29 Cost of seeing a Specialist Consultant at a hospital (most people can’t afford to see a doctor, so seeing a consultant would be a huge struggle)
  • 357 Vitamin supplement & complan type food for children and adults who are severely undernourished
  • Money for family who lost mother (aged 37) to a heart attack 29th April
  • 3 x Money for funeral expenses
  • 23 Supply of Glucosomine tablets
  • Washing machine for mum whose son has Menkes Kinky Hair Disease and is doubly incontinent
  • supply of crutches
  • 12 supply of wheelchair
  • Medical aids supplied to GP
  • 1 total Knee replacement carried out in Guernsey Channel Islands
  • Dressings for serious wounds
  • supply and treatment for 1 pair of full leg prosthesis in UK
  • cost of MRI scan
  • cost of CT scan
  • costs of Physio for 1 month
  • emergency dental treatment