Overview of Livelihood Projects

These were established to help people return to work, which as we all know is the central core of most families. When the Tsunami hit, many many people, lost not only loved ones and houses but their means of earning a living too. Our focus is shifting all the time and we try and respond to different requests with a detailed look at what the person’s skill is, and was pre-Tsunami. Sometimes the requests are very straight forward and just need the purchase of a particular piece of equipment, for example a sewing machine, a drill, or a bicycle to enable someone to return to work. But other times – if they are unable to return to the work previously carried out we may look together with them to see what might be feasible for the future. Many of these items have been individually sponsored via our shopping list. The Donor then gets a photo of the recipient with the item.

This lady has been given a bag of nuts, a roll of plastic bags and a heat sealing machine – she can bag and sell the nuts in the locality.

A bike to enable someone to get back to work

A sewing machine to enable these women to earn some money.

We have discussions with people to see what they need.  We have started 5 businesses and in time those who have been helped will become self sufficient.