Overview of Housing Projects

The first rebuild we undertook was almost by accident!

The house was occupied by 12 people which consisted of three branches of the one family and was falling down. Sarah asked young English surveyors to have a look at it and their recommendation was immediate demolition and rebuild as it was too dangerous to live in.

In a weak moment she agreed to rebuild it and figured in her head if she could not raise the money she could put it onto her credit card! Plans were drawn up and we swung into action. We found a local builder called Damith who had a big enough team to work with speed. He was a qualifed carpenter, 6 weeks later the build was complete – just in time for Monsoon!  Furniture needed was purchased and  electricity installed. This was funded by a donation from Sarah’s mother.

This was the start of what is now an established build programme. We have a basic template of a house which we use and adapt it to each build we undertake. We estimate that each house will cost approx £4,000 to include basic furniture. However, this amount may be less as each build has different needs as you will see on the ‘Rebuild Funding’ page. If you would like to help with funding a house please contact us through the contact form.

We have also helped a number of people with purchase of materials for repairing damaged buildings, roofing materials, construction of temporary kitchens and several temporary houses to enable people to get out from living in a tent!

Completed Housing Projects updated July 2009

  • 4 Temporary houses
  • 27 permananent block built houses
  • 2 Instant repair to wattle & daub house
  • 4 lots rental for housing
  • £200 towards a roof on a constructed house
  • 8 construction of temporary kitchen
  • 2 Construction of block build kitchen
  • 3 Construction of shower cubicle
  • 13 Purchase of 10 perch land for rebuild
  • 2 concrete for screed floor
  • 2 Money for sand and cement to plaster
  • 2 gable walls
  • 32 Supply electricity to a house
  • 1 Supply & fit wooden windows and doors to a badly damaged house
  • 4 Erection of fences
  • 28 wells
  • 32 toilets
  • 52 Beds
  • 87 Mosquito nets
  • 17 Table top gas cookers and cylinders
  • 29 Cupboards
  • 62 Mattress
  • 29 Plastic table & chairs
  • 23 Washing bowls
  • 15 Cooking utensils
  • 12 Metal kettle
  • 1 Baby flask for heating milk
  • 18 Tea Pot and cups
  • 8 sets drinking glasses
  • 1 Electric kettle
  • 4 Coconut scraper & bowl for washing
  • 15 Pillows
  • 48 Sheets
  • 14 Wooden chairs
  • 17 whicker chairs
  • 1 Wooden dining table and 6 chairs
  • 2 tables
  • 21 Wooden sideboard