Our Mission

“Bridge 2 Sri Lanka is a small independent Charity set up in July 2005  to give humanitarian aid to the Tsunami affected people of Sri Lanka. The focus has evolved and changed and we are now helping other members of this impoverished community.  Since the Tamil Tigers have set 2 bombs in the tourist area we work in, Tourism has collapsed and the result is that all the locals are now struggling as jobs are axed.”

Any money donated is either given direct to the individual or the item required is bought by one of our team. All projects started are researched as thoroughly as possible, however, inevitably there may be occasions where a recipient has already received something from another Charity, this has arisen on one occasion and the relevant action was taken to remedy this situation.

Our overheads are kept to a minimum as there has been private funding from an individual in the UK to fund all flight and accommodation costs for 2006. Anyone who goes to the country to work under the Bridge 2 Sri Lanka banner is self funded.

We are not aiming to save the world – just help a few people to have a better life!”

Help us – to help them – help themselves.

Why the charity was formed

Sarah Griffith formed the charity in July 2005 after she had spent 6 months working with another locally based Charity. Sarah saw a different focus and was compelled to help in a slightly different way. She had seen with her own eyes the fact that the money pledged in the thousands of US dollars from all around the world did not seem to be reaching its intended destination and realised she would have to come up with a credible way forward to set the Charity apart from the many others that were around.

She set about compiling a shopping list – this meant a prospective donor would pin point an item such as a bed or food parcel – provide funds for it and Sarah would undertake to buy and distribute it personally and bring the donor a photo as evidence along with a little about the situation of the individual or family.

This went down very well and the shopping list style of sponsorship is still a mainstay of our work.

We have happily managed to get various individuals and companies to fund houses as well. The story from start to finish is provided for all to see. With the amount of corruption all around we feel that everything we try and achieve should be explained in as much detail as possible. ‘Do not go where the path may lead – go instead where there is no path and leave a trail’