Bridge2Haiti Presents Brass2Haiti

Bridge2Haiti presents Brass2Haiti


St James 6th September 7.30pm

kindly sponsored by: Melody Press Printers

This evening promises fun and noise in equal measure come and join in our wacky Oom-Pa-Pa night.

An eclectic mix of musicians/vocals/humour

on stage for your entertainment.

A small brass band spotted by Sarah Griffith

in the mountains of Haiti, during her last trip, motivated her to help donate instruments giving some more Haitian children the opportunity to learn – music is the medium that crosses boundaries & social divides. The little mountain community want to be able to use their own band at weddings funerals & social events rather than hire one from 3 hours away.

This evening is designed to raise funds to buy instruments in Haiti for them – 100% of the money raised will be spent on instruments with zero admin charges. Music CAN help change lives…

our goal? to raise £5,000

Raffle/Auction/Bar/ nibbles on the tables

£20 per ticket – tables of 10

or £14 in the Gallery